JAMU Library  

The JAMU Library mainly serves the teachers and the students of the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Theatre and also other professional public users.

The library collection corresponds to study programmes at both faculties (Art of Music, Dramatic Art and Art of Dance). The library collection is focused on professional theatre, music and dance literature and partly on professional literature from related fields: art, history and theory of film, history and theory of literature, photography, fine arts, architecture, aesthetics, philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, poetry and prose literary works, opera librettos, language textbooks and texts, language dictionaries, sheet music, 50 titles of periodicals, audiovisual works, sound recordings, gramophone records and students theses and publications of the JAMU Publishing Centre. The access to electronic information resources is ensured from the library website.

The JAMU Library uses Aleph library system – OPAC (online public access catalogue). The library provides regular services: loan services (borrowing and renewing of items), reference services, interlibrary loans, information retrievals. In the study room there are five computers with the access to the Internet connection (and OPAC) and there is the access to the Internet with wi-fi connection.  There is also a CD player, a DVD player and a record player.

Other computers and scanners are in the multimedia study room next door. Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 to 20:00, Friday 10:00 to 16:00.

The library offers information education to the first year students and students PhD students and also offers helps with formal editing of students theses.

The library participates in providing sheet music for students concerts and performances.

The collection of artistic documentation of JAMU is part of the library. Its task is to collect documentation of students performances of the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Theatre since 1949. Continuous digitisation  has been going on.

The JAMU Library is located on the first floor of the Astorka Centre of Information, Education and Accommodation, Novobranská 3. Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 to 18:00, Friday 10:00 to 16:00.


Library JAMU
IVU Centrum Astorka
Novobranská 3
CZ – 662 15 Brno
E-mail: knihovnajamucz
Phone: +420 542 592 200, 204
Web: http://www.jamu.cz, http://knihovna.jamu.cz