Faculty of Music  

Three-year Bachelor's degree programs at the faculty are offered in composition, orchestral conducting, choral conducting, Church music, music management, opera direction, voice, and playing on the following instruments: harpsichord, piano, bassoon, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trombone, trumpet, organ, violin, bass, viola, cello, percussion instruments. All of these, with the exception of Church music, can also be studied in two-year Master's degree programs. hf_res.jpg

 Three-yconcertsear doctoral programs are available in Interpretation and the Theory of Interpretation and Composition and the Theory of Composition. Every year the Faculty of Music organizes International Music Master Courses designed primarily for students of conservatories and music academies and professional musicians. Renowned tutors and concert artists are responsible for the instruction in these courses. During special courses, the participants have an opportunity to perform in public concerts in Brno and in nearby chateaus.

The annual Leoš Janáček Competition organized by the faculty has achieved considerable renown both here and abroad. The work of students at the Faculty of Music is presented to the public in the Chamber Opera, as well as through a series of public concerts continuing throughout the academic year.





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