Requirements for visa application  

According to the Czech law all foreign students studying in the country need a visa. Contact the Czech embassy or consulate in your home country for information regarding the latest visa requirements. Application forms are available at the consulates and cannot be copied. In some countries, Czech consulates will mail you the required forms, in others applicants have to visit the Czech consulate personally.

It is no longer possible to apply for a visa in the Czech Republic. Please apply for your visa as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance. The procedure can take up to three months.

Students apply for one of the following types of visa:

Up to 90 days visas

The following documents are required:

1) Original visa application form - the form must be filled out completely (with ballpoint pen or by typewriter, do not use red ink)
2) Letter of Acceptance
3) Valid Passport
4) Passport-size photographs
5) Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic
6) Financial contract or other supporting documents of financial background for your stay in the Czech Republic (e.g. valid Internationally recognized credit card, a bank account statement of the applicant showing that you have sufficient funds to use during the stay in Czech Republic, travellers' cheque with the applicant's name)
7) Certificate of your health insurance
Possibly 8) Return Air Tickets

Visas for more than 90 days

You need all the above mentioned documents PLUS:

1) Czech legalised translation of your criminal record from your home country (not older than 180 days)
2) A form by which you apply for a report from the Czech Republic Criminal Record Register, confirming that you have no criminal record in the Czech Republic
3) Translated notarised copy of your birth certificate