Travelling to Brno and to JAMU

By air

In Brno there is an international airport. If you arrive to the Brno airport there is a bus connection to the city centre. The bus No. 76 goes from the airport to the Main railway station every half hour and the way lasts around 20 minutes. If you want to take a plane, the airports that could be also suitable are those in Prague (Ruzyně) or Vienna (Schwechat). From the Prague airport, there is a good bus connection directly to Brno.

The Prague-Ruzyně international airport is situated approximately 20 km north-west of the Prague city centre. Transport between the city and the airport is possible by bus line No. 119 running at regular intervals from 4.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. to its terminal at the Dejvická underground station of Line A. Transport is also possible by mini-buses, which run every 30 minutes from Ruzyně airport to Dejvická station of Line A, and Náměstí Republiky station in downtown Prague (stop at the Church of St Jude).
The Czech Airlines office in the departure hall at Ruzyně will be glad to help you.

Important telephone numbers:
Information, reservations, sale: (+420) 239 007 007
Further information:

By coach or train

The Czech republic has an efficient network of coaches and trains.
If you travel from Prague, you can either take a coach or a train.
There are more companies providing bus transport Prague-Brno: Student agency (, Eurolines (, Tourbus, ČSAD (a network of coaches of the whole republic). All of them start the journey from the central bus station Florenc, which you can reach by the underground (Metro C). You can buy the ticket to Brno at the administrative building of the Florenc bus station or also on-line on the webpages mentioned above. The journey takes 2 h 30 and the costs no more than 200 CZK (8 EUR).
A coach from the Ruzyně airport to Brno is also available, the most suitable connection is provided by the company Student Agency (

Most buses from Prague arrive at the bus station called "Hotel Grand" (close to the central railway station), 10-20 minutes walking distance from the buildings of JAMU. Some international lines arrive there, too. Other lines (especially ČSAD) arrive at "Zvonařka" bus station.

The Faculty of Music of JAMU is situated quite close to the traffic junction "Česká". To get there from either bus station, you can take tram No. 12 (from the Grand, or central railway station also tram No. 13) in the direction to Kralovo Pole - Červinkova and get off at the stop called "Česká" (third stop).
The best way to get to the Faculty of Theatre and to the rector´s office is by tram No. 1, stop called "Malinovskeho namesti" or just on foot through the city centre.

Trains leave from the Prague Central railway station (Hlavní nádraží), which you can reach also by the underground (Metro C). The options for rail travel are: fast train, express train, InterCity (IC) or EuroCity (EC). Generally, travelling by train is more expensive if you do not have a special "customer card" or "Junior passport" and it even takes more time (3 hours and more). At present the price for the train ticket is as high as the bus ticket. There is also a price reduction for two or more people travelling together. If you take a common fast train, don´t be surprised by an unkempt interior.
All international and local trains come to the central railway station in Brno, walking distance from the Faculty of Music (15 minutes), the Faculty of Theatre and the rector´s office (10 minutes) and Astorka hall of residence (5-10 minutes). To get to the Faculty of Music you can also take the trams No. 12 or No. 13 and get off at "Česká" stop and to the Faculty of Theatre the tram No. 1 (for details see the section above).

If you travel from Vienna, you can take the Student Agency bus, Eurolines bus or train. Some connections are direct, sometimes you have to change in Bratislava (SR) or Břeclav (ČR).

By car

All the buildings of JAMU are in the town centre.
The easiest way to get to the Faculty of Music is to drive past the hotel International /Husova street/, then turn right at the Concert Hall / Besední dům - Soniční street/ and then take the next right which takes you to the parking lot of the hotel International. You can park your car there and walk to the building of the Faculty of Music of JAMU.

If you go to the Faculty of Theatre or the rector´s office, you can leave your car just in front of the building, provided there is an available place.


When travelling by taxi, be very careful and do not forget the following: - use only official taxi cabs (name and licence number of its driver is on the car), - sit on the front seat, - before the drive do not forget to ask how much you will pay for one kilometre and be sure the driver uses the taximeter.


Rector´s office:
Beethovenova 2,
662 15 Brno

Faculty of Theatre:
Mozartova 1,
662 15 Brno

Faculty of Music:
Komenského nám. 6,
662 15 Brno

Astorka centre:
Novobranská 3,
602 00 Brno

City Transport

A high density and frequency mark the network of trams, buses and trolleys in Brno. Single tickets can be bought at most of newsagents´ and tobacconists´. At some stops, there are ticket issue machines for coins. For transport needs, Brno is divided into 3 zones, the 3rd zone is the most peripheral one.
For more detailed information about tickets look at the following webpage:

A non changing ticket for 10 minutes ride in two zones costs 10 CZK and a ticket for 60 minutes which will be convenient if you travel from the airport to the city centre e.g. costs 15 CZK.

More suitable for people who live in Brno are coupons for various time periods. To arrange the student card for coupons (season tickets), you need one photo and either the ISIC-card or a school confirmation of studies (special form of the City Transport Company).

Fore detailed information about season-tickets look at the following webpage:
The nearest office to the student hall Atorka where you can buy the long-term tickets is approx. 2 minutes walk from the hall:

Novobranská street 18, Public transport information, tickets, souvenirs, picture postcard
from 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
tel.: +420 543 174 317
email: dpmbdpmbcz

More detailed information about public transport in Brno on

The address of the Faculty of Music is Komenského nám. 6 and at the closest junction called "Česká" there are stops for trams No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 and the final stops of some trolley-buses from more peripheral areas of Brno. So there is no problem to get to the Faculty almost from anywhere and any time. The nearest junction to the Faculty of Theatre and to the rector´s office is at Malinovskeho namesti (Malinovsky´s square), where trams No. 1, 2, 4, 7, 9 have their stops.

The hall of residence of JAMU, called Astorka, is situated also in the centre of the town, at Novobranská 3. The closest tram stops are also "Malinovského náměstí" (Malinovsky´s Square), the junction of trams No. 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, and "Hlavní nádraží" (the central railway station), the junction of trams No. 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13.

On working days, most trams leave quite often (every 5-10 minutes), at weekends the intervals are a little bit longer. At nights, there is a very clear system of traffic order: usual trams, buses and trolleys circulate until 11 p.m. and then they are replaced by night buses. The night buses have longer routes and each supplies more usual lines. From 11 p.m., let´s say every hour, all the buses leave from the central railway station ("Hlavní nádraží"). On Fridays and Saturdays the night buses leave more frequently.